Hser Nay Moo

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I’m from Thailand, and I’m Karen. Here in Clarkston gardening is very important, because it brings together people from many different backgrounds. There aren’t many gardens around here, so having a garden to see our environment grow is a very beautiful thing. The things I like about working at the Jolly Avenue Garden is that you’re not left alone to do things by yourself. Everyone helps everyone here, and I think that’s very important. Basically, no one is left behind. I hope to learn many things from this job. There are still many things that I’m still lacking, but hopefully I can grow and learn as I continue to work here. In ten years I hope I’ll be living a healthy life helping those around me. I might go back to Thailand and teach. As of right now I just want to focus on doing well in school and graduating high school.

Johnny San


I am from Burma, and I speak Burmese and Matu Chin. Gardening is important in Clarkston, because the people who live here get garden plots and fresh vegetables. They also have good communication with the other gardeners. I like working at the garden, because it is fun and I learn more about gardening. I hope to learn about communicating with people, learn more English and get more job experience. In ten years I would like to be working at a good company for good pay, so that I can support my family.



I am from Burma, Chin State. Gardening is important in Clarkston because of its diversity. Many people who live in Clarkston enjoy gardening. Gardening lowers their food bill and yet they get fresher and healthier vegetables. They plant food and vegetables that they can rarely get in grocery store. I love working at the Jolly Avenue Garden because I get to learn so many things that school doesn't teach. I hope to learn at this job more about how to interact with different people, planting and construction. I would like to be a doctor or a social worker.



I am from Burma, and my ethnicity is Chin. Gardening is important in Clarkston because it’s a way to grow your own organic vegetables which aren’t always available in the supermarket. What I like about working in the Jolly Avenue Garden is that I get to meet people who like to work in the garden as much as I do. The gardeners are nice, kind and really care about their environment. What I hope to learn at this job is a way to create my own community garden just like Jolly Avenue Garden where people can come in and grow their vegetables. In ten years, I will be a registered nurse; and with the money I earn, I will travel around the world.




I am from Sri Lanka, and I speak Tamil. Gardening is important because we need fresh food, and there are a lot different people. I like that I will learn a lot of new things. Also, if I go back to my country, I can do gardening there. In ten years I would like to be a nurse.


Zil Bok


I am Burmese, Chin. It is very good that we have a community garden in Clarkston, because many people that live here are refugees, and they like to work in the garden when they get homesick. Also many families are not able to afford the vegetables at the grocery store, so it is good that they can grow their own. I love working at the community garden because I know that I am helping the whole community by making their community space look nice. I hope that this job will teach me a new kind of responsibility, and I hope to learn to take care of a garden on my own. In ten years I hope to use the skills that I learn at this job, and help refugees or immigrants that live in the community that I live in.

Nuam San


I’m from Myanmar, and I speak Burmese, Zomi (Tedim language as my native language), and English. Gardening is important is Clarkston, because it is a very diverse city. We have people from every corner, and most of us are from where gardening is a life. It’s important to have nutritious food, fresh food and gather around different cultures. Working at the Jolly Avenue Garden, I like that we get a chance to meet different people working at the garden, and I’m excited about the greenhouse and the computer coding. In this job, I hope to learn computer coding and how to plant healthy food and learn more about gardening.




I am from Thailand, and my ethnicity is Karen. Gardening is important in Clarkston, because it is very diverse. We come from different countries, and we grow vegetables to feed our family. I like working at the garden, because I can help keep the garden clean and tidy for the community and provide safety for the gardeners to be there. I also have the opportunity to help the gardeners. I hope to learn about different plants and ways to grow them, since I don’t always know. In ten years, I would like to have a job as a police officer or a teacher.