... is an initiative that provides hands-on learning experiences that increase relevant knowledge about nutrition, agriculture, and earth care across the programs at Friends of Refugees. We seek to dispel misinformation about healthy food choices in the U.S., connect aspiring growers to community gardens and other agricultural opportunities, and increase access to local, organic, culturally-relevant food. We implement the HFE within a couple of different Friends of Refugees programs by customizing an engaging, practical and transformative learning environment that meets the specific needs of that program.


Refugee Family Literacy offers ESOL classes for refugee women and an early childhood development program for their children, ages 0-5. 

The Healthy Food Experience exposes moms to new recipes each week that promote healthy eating choices and empowers them to prepare more healthy food for their children. Moms participate in a healthy lifestyle discussion group and swap their own traditional recipes.

The program also introduces children to new food and encourages a sense of wonder and adventure when it comes to trying new food. They participate in sensory-friendly activities where they interact with the food in new ways that provide a positive and fun correlation with new and different foods.


Friends of Refugee Youth Programs nurtures the development, talents, and skills of refugee youth and their families to be healthier and stronger together. 

The Healthy Food Experience provides weekly cooking class at the garden where they learn about nutrition and the basics of cooking by preparing creative, healthy recipes.

The program also provides healthy snacks for the youth to eat after school. The snacks are designed to be nutritious

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