Gardening with refugees.

The Jolly Avenue Garden in Clarkston, GA  shares garden plots with over 120 refugee families where they are able to grow food for their themselves and their community. Located in walking distance of three public schools and over ten apartment complexes, we also provide agriculture and nutrition education, job skills training, and personal development programs to hundreds more in the community.


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The Jolly Avenue Garden is one of seven F

riends of Refugees programs.


Our Mission

The Jolly Avenue Garden is a vibrant community gathering space that fosters our collective experience of beauty, belonging and friendship with the land and with one another. We seek to enrich the Clarkston community by offering growing spaces where refugee gardeners grow their own food to feed their families and friends; by facilitating educational opportunities for K-12 youth through agriculture programming, mentorship and employment, and STEAM curriculum initiatives; and by providing our friends in the programs access to healthy food and nutrition education through our Healthy Food Experience.





refugees grow food



engaged in garden education 




young adults employed/mentored