Volunteer Orientation

The first step to becoming a volunteer at the Jolly Avenue Garden is to attend the Friends of Refugees volunteer orientation. In 2017 over 1,500 people attended this volunteer orientation. Wherever you are in life, wherever you are in your journey of understanding the plight of our refugee neighbors, you will benefit from this special experience. Click here to register: https://friendsofrefugees.com/volunteer-orientation/

Volunteer testimonials

The first time I stepped into the Jolly Ave. Community Garden, the row after row of gardens, such a riotous display of plant life overflowing plot boundaries, absolutely took my breath away. Since that first trip, I have volunteered at different garden events affording me the opportunity to meet some of the community gardeners.  Each gardener, like the plants in their respective gardens reached out to me, spilling over our barriers of language and culture to find a connection, to make community. Every single time I have volunteered in the Jolly Ave Garden, I left feeling blessed by the touch of the very people I was hoping to help.  

          - Pam Battey (Jolly Ave Garden volunteer)

For the past eight years, I have been a volunteer at the Jolly Avenue Community Garden.  As one who has visited a number of community gardens, the first time I set foot in this garden, I sensed that it was unique and special.  It is a sacred space for refugees who have taken incredible journeys escaping persecution and violence in their home countries. The Jolly Avenue Garden offers them a plot of land where they can get their hands and feet in the earth and and grow plants that are meaningful to them.  Each time I come to the garden I am humbled and honored to be part of this community.

- Susan Spratt (Jolly Ave Garden volunteer)